Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator

種類 效果器

Kalimba x Moogerfoogers x Multi-Pedal

Moogerfooger MF102 Ring Modulator

MF-102 圈式調變效果器Ring Modulator 源自大型Moog 模組合成器. 內含3 種調變功能: Ring Modulator,  可用CV 控制的載波震盪器, 以及可用CV 控制的LFO. 適合處理樂器輸出或線路輸出信號.

Ring Modulator 利用載波 carrier 和聲音輸入 modulator 相加或相減產生. LFO 可用來調整載波的頻率. 隨輸入信號不同產生溫和顫音, 和聲豐富的失真, 類似鑼的自身共鳴效果, 頻率掃描效果等.



所有 Ring Modulator 參數可用旋鈕, 表情踏板或外部 CV 控制. LFO 波形和載波頻率範圍可從面板切換. 聲音信號進出, 踏板和 CV 輸入和載波進出採用 1/4” 插孔. 堅固的 bypass 開關, 讓這效果器適合在桌上或地板操作.

假設效果器載波為 500 Hz 正弦波, 輸入信號是100 Hz 正弦波. 經過 ring modulator, 會輸出 400 Hz (500-100)和 600 Hz (500 + 100) 兩種信號.輸入的100 Hz 正弦波或效果器產生的 500 Hz 載波是聽不到的.


MF-102 Ring Modulator
Product Specifications

* FREQUENCY rotary control, which varies the carrier frequency over a six-octave range.
* RATE rotary control, which varies the LFO’s frequency from 0.1 Hz to 25 Hz.
* LFO AMOUNT rotary control, which adjusts the amount that the LFO output sweeps the carrier oscillator.
* MIX rotary control, which crossfades continuously from unmodulated to modulated audio.
* DRIVE rotary control, which adjusts the gain of the audio input.
* SQUARE-SINE rocker switch, which chooses the LFO waveform.
* LO-HI rocker switch, which chooses between the low frequency carrier range (2 Hz to 130 Hz) and the high frequency carrier range (60 Hz to 4,000 Hz).
* LEVEL, a three-color LED that is used to set the DRIVE control.
* LFO, a LED that indicates the LFO rate.
* BYPASS, a two-color LED that tells whether the ring modulator is on or bypassed.
* ON/BYPASS, a rugged, smooth-acting ‘stomp switch.’

Jack Panel Features
* AUDIO IN 1/4″ phone jack – accepts any instrument-level or line-level audio signal from -16 dBm to +4 dbm.
* AUDIO OUT 1/4″ phone jack – -4 dBm nominal output level.
* FREQUENCY, RATE, LFO AMOUNT, MIX, all of which are stereo 1/4″ jacks that accept moogerfooger EP1 (or equivalent) expression pedals, or control voltages from two-circuit or three-circuit 1/4″ jacks.
* AUX AUDIO IN – provides a means of applying an external signal to the ring modulator, in place of the carrier oscillator.
* LFO OUT jack – delivers the LFO voltage for use by other voltage-controlled devices.
* CARRIER OUT jack – delivers the carrier signal for use by other devices.
* +9V POWER INPUT jack – accepts standard 9 volt power adaptors (power adaptor included).

General Specifications
* CASE: Black panel with hardwood sides – classic analog appearance.
* DIMENSIONS: 9″ x 6″ x 2-1/2″
* NET WEIGHT: 2 lb
* SHIPPING WEIGHT: 4 lb, including power adaptor and instruction manual.

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