Seymour Duncan Perfect Timbre

種類 D-TAR系列




DPU-3 Perfect Timbre有高感度革命性的壓電薄膜加速計,on-board前級能夠捕捉空心吉他最自然的音質。一切就像麥克風一樣那麼自然簡單。你會聽到空氣聲,手指在琴弦上滑動的聲音。準確的令人不可思議,就像高品質的麥克風一樣。這個拾音器和一般下弦枕式拾音器很不一樣。質量非常輕的Perfect Timbre的感應器直接附著在琴身裡面,通常是在bridge的後面。每一把吉他都有屬於自己的”sweet spot”,這就是你應該裝置sensor的地方。前級則是裝在靠近neck block或者在吉他的背後。整體的安裝對吉他的改變非常小,唯一需要鑽的洞是end-pin jack。完美的Perfect Timbre準確而清澈的留下樂器溫暖的性格,為live或直接錄音的場合保留 acoustic最原始的聲音。是吉他永遠都不會遇到最接近麥克風效果的拾音器。 

• Highly responsive piezo-film accelerometer
• Low profile design
• Custom on-board pre-amp
• On-board adjustable presence and high-mid frequencies
• Low impedance preamp output can be plugged directly into an amplifier input, line-in jack or mixing console
• 9 volt power source
• Low power consumption
• Captures and preserves the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar.
• Design preserves the appearance, action, sustain and feel of the instrument.
• Ideal for both live performance and direct-recording applications.
• Long battery life
• For Steel- or Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar