Seymour Duncan Equinox – Three-Band Parametric Equalizer


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Equinox是非常高度保留真實音色的3段EQ等化器前級,低噪音的零件與電路設計很適合在錄音室使用或live的演出。Frequency sweep control, bandwidth control and boost/cut control讓樂手能修正,或者是解決某些特定範圍的聲音問題。雙缺口濾聲器(Dual notch filter)可用來控制或消除木吉他回授(acoustic feedback)。


Feature Benefit
3 Band Parametric Equalizer Preamp Allows precise EQ control to correct or enhance very specific tonal problem areas
with frequency sweep control, bandwidth control, and boost/cut control
Two independent notch filters Eliminate acoustic feedback
20 dB gain switch Provides instant gain
True bypass switching of non-activated functions Bypass switch removes entire EQ and notch filter sections from signal chain leaving only high impedance, low noise input and buffered output
High quality components Extremely low noise and distortion, audiophile quality sound
1/4” stereo input jack Allows connecting input and output to Solstice on a single, stereo cable
Compact, portable design Can be used as a stand-alone preamp for
ultra portable instrument amplification systems
Technical Specifications
Input stage — Extremely low noise and low distortionMaximum input signal — 8.5 VRMS @ unity gain
setting/.85 VRMS @ +20dB gainSlew Rate — 22V/us
Input impedance — 2Meg ohms

Thd — <.003% @ 1Vo

Noise — All controls set “flat”/118dBV, referred to input with gain set at +20dB

All controls set “flat”/106dBV, referred to input with gain set at unity

“Worst Case” noise — 94dBV, all EQ set to full boost, all Q controls set to full narrow, frequency controls set to highest frequency.3 Band EQ — each band has adjustable Q (bandwidth) from .58 to 9.4 with 15 dB of boost and cut availableLow Frequency Band — Frequency adjustable from 39 Hz to 408 Hz

Midrange Frequency Band — Frequency adjustable from 212 Hz to 2.35 KHz

High Frequency Band — Frequency adjustable from 1.8 KHz to 20 KHz

Notch Filters — Q (bandwidth) fixed at 9.0 with 15 dB of cut availableNotch Filter #1: Frequency adjustable from 40 Hz-400Notch Filter #2: Frequency adjustable from 80 Hz-800
Misc. Features

Input Jack — 1/4” Stereo, input on tip / output on ring, allows interface with DTAR Solstice (Acoustic Mixer) using a single, stereo cable.

Output Jack — 1/4” Mono

Power Supply — Internal +/- 15V derived from 15VAC external, wall mounted power transformer.

Frequency Band Potentiometer Position
9 o’clock 12 o’clock 3 o’clock
Low 50 Hz 130 Hz 330 Hz
Mid 270 Hz 750 Hz 1.9 KHz
High 2 KHz 6 KHz 15 KHz
Notch 1 70 Hz 177 Hz 450 Hz
Notch 2 115 Hz 290 Hz 750 Hz

  • 8.5″ wide x 6.5″ deep x 2.7″ high
  • Weight 2.9 lbs.